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A big old kiss to Robin Kaye for being such a good friend and supportive of my blog tour. Robin, you’ve gone above and beyond for me. I owe you!

Love tokens can come in many forms but jewelry is definitely a tried and true symbol of caring. As I look back at all the “expressions of love” I’ve gotten from guys, I wondered how many of you shared similar experiences.

First up, the puppy loves from grade school, when you were sure that cute seven-year-old boy sitting across the room was destined to be your husband and you would live happily-ever-after. Except what first grader (or second or third, etc) can afford that big, honking diamond ring to show his love? So instead of rings, we gave half-heart necklaces. Anyone remember those? The boy wore half a heart on a chain and the girlfriend wore the other half. I looked for a picture to show you but I couldn’t find one like we used to give. I found half-heart pictures just none like we had.

Then we left those childish half-hearts behind for ID bracelets. You too? The guy’s name was engraved on the silver bar and the girl would wear it as a sign they were going steady. But now that I actually look at an ID bracelet, it kind of reminds me of handcuffs and shackles. Umm. Anyone else? I remember in the ninth grade “going steady” with a boy I’ll call “Kenny” (because that was his name!). We were going to a “formal” dance. I wore a long turquoise chiffon dress with (get this!) over the elbow gloves! My date got mad because I wouldn’t wear his ID bracelet on top of my gloves. I was appalled. That would totally have destroyed “the look of sophistication” I was going for. Needless to say, that relationship did last. J

By the ninth grade we had added wearing “our guy’s” letterman jacket. Of course these were always huge on the girl but it was an obvious sign of “going steady.” Back then, we didn’t have girls’ sports so other than the cheerleaders, girls couldn’t “earn” a letterman’s jacket. The only way to get one was from your feller! (Isn’t that an awesome picture? It’s the REAL ONE from my junior high days with the guys in their letterman jackets. As I was posting this, I wondered how many of them had to get the jacket back from some girl before this picture could be taken.)

Graduating to high school meant leaving behind silly things like ID bracelets, but we held on to those lettermen’s jackets as a status symbol. But as we aged and crushes became love (immature as it might have been) rings began to make statement about the couple’s commitment. Sometimes it was an initial ring. Or it could be a senior ring. Both of these required yards of yarn wrapped about the ring’s band because like the jacket, these items never fit. But a new type of ring came into fashion… the “Promise Ring.” (see the picture to the right.) I think it was supposed to mean more than going steady, but it never did to me! I had that ring for years until I gave it to my niece, who was nice enough to photograph it and send it for this blog.

So why am I talking about this today? In my book, Texas Two Step, my hero (Mitch) gives the heroine (Olivia) a diamond locket for her birthday while they are dating as a sign of his affection. In it, she carries a picture of her son and Mitch. When she wears it to the wedding rehearsal and Mitch asks her if she ever put any pictures in it, she lies. What choice did she have? Mitch doesn’t know about her son and seeing a picture in a locket might not be the best way to tell him.

Now that you’ve been down my memory lane, tell me about yours. What symbols of devotion did you give or receive when you were growing up? ID bracelets? Initial rings? Senior rings? Matching tattoos?

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38 Responses

  1. Livia Quinn Livia Quinn says:

    Hi, Cynthia!
    Probably the sweetest thing I ever received from a boyfriend was an E.E.Cummings like poem about daisies. I made a dress with edging of daisies along the bodice and he apparently liked it very much. ;)

    • e.e. cummings, huh? I can honestly say that no guy ever gave me a poem or a book of poetry. The ONLY thing I remember about cummings is that he didn’t use capital letters. I’m pretty sure my English teacher would be so disappointed.
      Thanks for coming by and leaving a message

  2. Robin Kaye Robin Kaye says:

    Welcome Cyndi! It’s so good to have you here on BIOTM!

    My old boyfriend bought me a lot of jewelry, a beautiful black pearl ring is still one of my favorites. Me, I bought him a robin’s egg blue bass guitar he’d been drooling over for months. Of course, he was in a band. I’m sure it’s still one of his favorites too. I’ll have to ask him about that next time I see him on Facebook!

    I can’t wait to read Texas Two Step–I’m just waiting to finish writing my book before I do. I truly hate deadlines, but reading your book will be my reward for meeting it.

    I wish you many sales and every good thing!

    • Thank you Robin. I do owe you for all your fantastic support for Texas Two Step release.

      The ring in the post is the only ring I ever got from a boyfriend until I reached the engagement ring stage.

      Good luck with your writing. I love your voice!

  3. What a yummy cover! I remember the ID bracelets and rings, Cynthia. Do kids do that anymore? The girls in my school wore their boyfriends’ class ring on a chain around their neck though.

    • Hi Laurie. I forgot about wearing the class ring on a chain around your neck! I don’t think kids do the ID bracelet, etc any more but I don’t know. My niece is 25. My nephews are both grown and married but I don’t remember any of that from their teenage years.

      Thanks for like my yummy cover. I can take no credit for the cover so I feel comfortable saying…ME TOO. YUM

      Thanks for leaving a message

  4. Carla Kempert Carla says:

    Where I come from, and when I was growing up, ankle bracelets worn as necklaces were the thing. Most had a gold heart in the middle (diamond chips optional but definitely a nice touch), with a banner on each side that you had engraved with your name on one side and your significant other’s on the other side. I still have mine, though it’s hard to wear, since the name on the other side of the banner now belongs to my ex-husband. But it’s too cute to throw out.

    In first grade, my son ryan tried to give a rhinestone necklace to a girl in first grade. He begged me to get it, and promised to pay it back over months with his allowance. He was so totally smitten with this girl that I didn’t have the heart to discourage him. The necklace came in a pretty pink heart-shaped box, and it glittered under the light (much like his feelings for this girl). He kept the box next to his bed, waiting for Valentine’s Day. When the Big Day came, at the last minute he had a massive case of cold feet and asked his friend to give it to her instead. Well, the girl got the wrong idea and thought the necklace came from the friend, not Ryan. Alas, his first heartbreak, but he’s 17 now, and with those big baby blue eyes, no doubt he’ll be giving as well as he’ll be getting.

    I love the premise of your story, cyndi! Much luck to you!!

  5. You hit several familiar wickets with that list, Cyndi, but you also made me realize the things I’ve given as love tokens have tended to be transitory–a fresh loaf of home made bread, yard flowers, a scarf I knitted. An interestingly enough, I’ve yet to meet the guy I’d keep for or by kept by for eternity. Must think on this! Thanks.

    • Hi Grace. Your personal observation about your “love tokens” is quite insightful. But you know, that would be an excellent trait for the heroine I’m working with right now. Hmmm I must think on this also.

      Thanks for leaving me a message

  6. Gail Nichols says:

    I never got jewlery when I was a kid but my husband made up for it when I got married with beautiful wedding rings and a necklace:) I really,really want to read your book because it has my favorite storyline a secret child. I really,really can’t wait:)

    • I have a serious passion for jewelry. I have an embarrassing wealth of tokens of love from my husband! :)

      I think the secret child plot is one of my favorites also.

      I really really really want you to read Texas Two Step. Then drop me a line and let me know what you thought!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving me a message

  7. Marlo Berliner Marlo Berliner says:

    Hi, Cynthia! I think I still have one of those old boyfriend ID bracelets in a drawer upstairs (but don’t tell my DH). I came in towards the tail end of that practice. I much preferred the gold, heart-shaped locket my husband gave me when we were first dating. I wore that thing forever and nearly every day. Eventually, I put pictures of our two sons inside. If I wasn’t wearing it, they would invariably ask, “Why aren’t you wearing our pictures Mommy?”, as if I didn’t love them as much that day, LOL. The hinge finally broke a couple years ago because they had opened and closed it so much. Hmmm…maybe I should ask for a new one for Mother’s Day. You’ve given me a great idea here :)

  8. Going to get Mani-Pedi. I’ll be back to chat in a couple of hours!

    BTW – Just found out that Texas Two Step is currently #1 in the Samhain bookstore! Very exciting for me. :)

  9. Joanne B says:

    It’s been so long since I was young, I can’t remember a lot of the stuff. I do remember the half heart necklaces, the I.D. bracelets, the school ring on a chain. The first piece of jewelry I remember getting is my engagement ring, although, I do remember getting pictures my boyfriend drew as gifts. I still have some. Thanks for the blog tour and this walk down memory lane.


  10. Welcome to the Muse, Cynthia.

    I can’t remember any jewelry on offer, though I did end with a few purloined sweatshirts in college. Actually I’m not a big jewelry wearer which means my husband gets off way easy, or maybe way hard since he doesn’t have that instant fall-back option come present-time. :)

    I’d love to hear a little more about Texas Two Step. Can you give us a sneek peek of what the book is about? The secret child has me intrigued.

    • Hi Alix. I don’t think I have any purloined sweatshirts! BUT when we were in the sixth grade, we used to steal the “fruitloops” off the back of guys shirts. The fruitloops were those loops on the back of oxford’s shirts. I’m sure the mothers were thrilled with us! LOL

      Texas Two Step is a reunion story and a secret baby story…my TWO favorite romance themes. I love reunion stories because of all the backstory, the emotional energy, the fear of running into someone you were once in love with.

      Here is the back of the book blurb:
      After six years and too much self-recrimination, rancher Mitch Landry is ready to admit he was wrong. He’d loved Olivia Montgomery but commitment wasn’t high on his list back then. That was his first mistake. He’s just divorced his second, and he’s set to do whatever it takes to convince Olivia to give him another try.

      Through hard work, determination and more than a few tears, Olivia survived the break-up with Mitch. She’s rebuilt her life around her business and the son she loves more than life itself. She’s not proud of the mistakes she’s made—particularly the secrets she’s kept—but when life hands you manure, you use it to make something better of yourself…lest you get stuck in it.

      At a hot, muggy Dallas wedding, they reconnect. Olivia’s first instinct is to play it cool, but after one devastating kiss things flare out of control, real fast. Maybe a quick roll in the hay will get him out of her system once and for all. Funny thing about hay though, once it’s tangled in your hair, getting it out risks revealing things that were never meant to see the light of day.

      Thanks for leaving a message

  11. CateS says:

    My high school sweetie was 2 years younger than me… so I was out of high school by the time he got a letter jacket [and had dumped him for someone else].. I did give him an ID bracelet.. wonder what happened to it..
    We did get back together after he was out of college and have been married for over 30 years..
    Looking forward to reading your Two Step!!

  12. Hi Cynthia…thanks for including us on your stops.

    Also, thanks for the memories and smiles. I fell in love when I was eleven. Odd, I know, but, Tim was my mate and I loved him dearly. I gave him one of those “shackle” bracelets with his name on the front with mine tucked away in the back. He was wearing it the day he had a grand mal seizure that took him too early. I was seventeen. His parents gave me the bracelet, but I didn’t and still don’t need the object to recall his joyous happy laughter. This is not a sad story, because it makes me appreciate my husband, my love, even more…every day.

  13. Hi Cynthia,
    So good to have you here on BIOTM! I visited your website and love the banner picture: the svelte sexy leg crossed with the cowboy boot. Very enticing! Your book sounds like such a fun read. Congrats on the #1 at Samhain!

    I met my hubby when I was 15 and he 19 — I married him 37 years ago when I turned 19, and we beat the odds. He’s one of a kind! And, he’s given me lots of jewelry over the years, although neither of us is into anything very showy. I still have the ID bracelet I gave him when I was in HS. It was cool at the time, but it’s pretty clunky and hideous today. Then again, do you remember those 3″ wide leather straps that went on the Swatches watches? Yikes.

    My fave gift is the necklace he gave me for my HS graduation. A very delicate gold heart (about 3/8″) with a real diamond in the center. I wore it all the time and about five years into our marriage I lost it. I was heartbroken. Two years later we moved to Germany for his job, and when I was unpacking I found the necklace deep in a suitcase pocket. I have been maniacally protective of it ever since–but I still have it!!

    Good luck with your book — we share a release date, so I predict it’s a lucky one for you!!

    • Hi Lizbeth. What a great story about finding your necklace! And yes, marrying at 19 and STILL being married 37 years later is betting the odds!

      I remember those hideous 3″ wide leather straps.

      YAY on sharing a release date. I predict Feb. 28, 2012 to be a major lucky date to release a book! :)

      Thanks for leaving a message.

  14. StacieD says:

    I have received many pieces of jewelry in the past. My favorite was the first one. We had only been dating a month when he gave me a beautiful blue topaz pendant. It was the first time a man had ever given me jewelry.

  15. Diane Sallans says:

    Charm bracelets used to be popular – the charms could be from places we visited or to commemorate special occasions. They’ve recently been modernized with the bead bracelets like Pandora.

    • I have a charm bracelet! But it wasn’t one of those love items from my growing. I was something I started about 27 years ago. But I can look at a charm and the nicest memories come flying back.

      Thanks for mentioning charm bracelets.

      Thanks from coming by and leaving a message

  16. Lori says:

    On my sixteenth birthday my mom gave me her pearl ring her parents gave her on her 16th birthday. I plan on giving it to my niece on her 16th birthday.

  17. Catherine says:

    My high school sweetie, my first love, took me to get my ears pierced. We went to his “uncle”–actually a close family friend–who was a pediatrician to get it done. I received a couple of nice pairs of earrings from him. I also have his HS class ring.

    • Pierced ears AND the earrings. That was a WIN by that high school boyfriend. I got my ears pierced in the eighth grade by my friend’s dad who was a dermatologist. My mother had a fit but I wanted them. Shoot, I’d have probably gotten a tattoo at that age if everyone did it! I shudder at whose name might be there! LOL

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a message

  18. bn100 says:

    Great post! I didn’t exchange any trinkets or jewelry growing up.

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